My first blog post, a year after creating this blog

So, I created this blog more than a year ago planning to use it as a catalyst for personal creative writing. That obviously didn’t work out so well since this is my first post. Here’s to fresh starts.

The year since I created and ignored this blog has been fun and eventful. Five girlfriends and I went to Spain together for two glorious weeks. I enjoyed a summer full of fun pool parties with great friends. In the fall, I signed on to help stage manage a wonderful community theater production of “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” and ended up running sound instead. Always good to learn new things.

I’ve knitted a couple of hats for my nephews then ended up with a pretty abysmal attempt at a scarf for my mom. The knitting’s been in the closet since then. Instead, I’ve been enjoying my book club, a lot of live music and theater, laughter with friends and the hubby, and yoga.

I’ve practiced yoga on and off for about 15 years, but in the past year, it’s been much more on. I’ve really enjoyed and gotten into to it, practicing at a local yoga studio and online through a WONDERFUL website, I’ve been inspired to go further with yoga and have signed up for a yoga teacher training session that starts in a few weeks. I guess that’s what prompted me to revisit this blog. It seemed like it might be fun to track my yoga journey during the training. Once I start that, who knows what else I might decide to write about. We shall see.


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