Top 10 reasons I signed up for yoga teacher training

I start yoga teacher training one week from tomorrow. Why did I sign up for that?

1. It’s good for me. – I hate to exercise, but I like yoga. Yoga teacher training will force encourage me to practice more frequently.

2. Vocabulary – I’ll learn how to say all those funky cool Sanskrit words.

3. Posture – Maybe I’ll finally start doing chautauranga, or chaturanga or how ever it’s spelled, correctly. It’s a freaking yoga pushup. I hate that asana. It’s too much like exercise. Did I mention that I’ve never liked exercise?

4. Balance – I’ll master an arm balance or two. OK, that’s unlikely, but I’d like to try. It looks so GORGEOUS when other people do them. I’d settle for crow. Or baby crow. Or something easier. Maybe I’ll learn something easier.

5. Pleasure – Yoga makes me feel good – body and soul.

6. Giving – Once I know what I’m doing, I’ll be able to introduce the awesomeness of yoga to other people. I’m really excited about that.

7. Motivation – It will give me something to write about. So I’ll start blogging more. Which I’ve only been talking about doing for a year or so. Procrastinate much? I guess I need a deadline or a schedule or something. Thank you, yoga teacher training!

8. New friends! – I expect to get my fellow yogis VERY well. That should be fun!

9. Learning – I like to take on projects to learn new things. It’s time for a new one. Maybe I’ll talk about some of the past ones in future posts.

10. Service – So I bitched about the service project requirement a little in the last post. It’s really just that I bristle at requirements. I actually like the idea of doing a service project. I’m already toying with several ideas of how I can use what I learn to be of service to my community.

And in the spirit of giving more than what’s required (because I don’t like anyone telling me something’s required) …

11. Introspection – Too much navel gazing is boring, annoying or both, but a little introspection is healthy from time to time. This is one of those times. I find myself wondering “What’s next?” a lot lately. Looking inward in these next several weeks should help me decide.

Peace and kindness! Namaste!



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