Top 10 reasons I signed up for yoga teacher training

I start yoga teacher training one week from tomorrow. Why did I sign up for that?

1. It’s good for me. – I hate to exercise, but I like yoga. Yoga teacher training will force encourage me to practice more frequently.

2. Vocabulary – I’ll learn how to say all those funky cool Sanskrit words.

3. Posture – Maybe I’ll finally start doing chautauranga, or chaturanga or how ever it’s spelled, correctly. It’s a freaking yoga pushup. I hate that asana. It’s too much like exercise. Did I mention that I’ve never liked exercise?

4. Balance – I’ll master an arm balance or two. OK, that’s unlikely, but I’d like to try. It looks so GORGEOUS when other people do them. I’d settle for crow. Or baby crow. Or something easier. Maybe I’ll learn something easier.

5. Pleasure – Yoga makes me feel good – body and soul.

6. Giving – Once I know what I’m doing, I’ll be able to introduce the awesomeness of yoga to other people. I’m really excited about that.

7. Motivation – It will give me something to write about. So I’ll start blogging more. Which I’ve only been talking about doing for a year or so. Procrastinate much? I guess I need a deadline or a schedule or something. Thank you, yoga teacher training!

8. New friends! – I expect to get my fellow yogis VERY well. That should be fun!

9. Learning – I like to take on projects to learn new things. It’s time for a new one. Maybe I’ll talk about some of the past ones in future posts.

10. Service – So I bitched about the service project requirement a little in the last post. It’s really just that I bristle at requirements. I actually like the idea of doing a service project. I’m already toying with several ideas of how I can use what I learn to be of service to my community.

And in the spirit of giving more than what’s required (because I don’t like anyone telling me something’s required) …

11. Introspection – Too much navel gazing is boring, annoying or both, but a little introspection is healthy from time to time. This is one of those times. I find myself wondering “What’s next?” a lot lately. Looking inward in these next several weeks should help me decide.

Peace and kindness! Namaste!



I signed up for WHAT?

So I’m now a little over a week out from starting yoga teacher training. A couple of days ago I got an e-mail with the run down of what’s expected. What? you might ask. I didn’t check that out before I put the money down and committed. I did, of course. But this e-mail included more detail.

In addition to eight Saturdays full of asana practice and workshops (check!) and two classes per week for observation/demonstration/adjustments (check!), I’ve now learned that there’s required daily practice, journaling and a service project. Not that these are bad things. I’m just starting to wonder if I’ve taken on more than I want to handle.

One of the things I LOVE about yoga is that practicing teaches me to be more patient – with  others and with myself. That last part is hard for me. I have a tendency to judge, and I judge myself more harshly than I do anyone else. It’s something I don’t like about myself (there I go judging again), but I’m working on it. And here I go already worrying about falling short of expectations.

Let’s just keep that mantra handy – Peace and kindness. Peace and kindness. Rinse and repeat.

My first blog post, a year after creating this blog

So, I created this blog more than a year ago planning to use it as a catalyst for personal creative writing. That obviously didn’t work out so well since this is my first post. Here’s to fresh starts.

The year since I created and ignored this blog has been fun and eventful. Five girlfriends and I went to Spain together for two glorious weeks. I enjoyed a summer full of fun pool parties with great friends. In the fall, I signed on to help stage manage a wonderful community theater production of “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” and ended up running sound instead. Always good to learn new things.

I’ve knitted a couple of hats for my nephews then ended up with a pretty abysmal attempt at a scarf for my mom. The knitting’s been in the closet since then. Instead, I’ve been enjoying my book club, a lot of live music and theater, laughter with friends and the hubby, and yoga.

I’ve practiced yoga on and off for about 15 years, but in the past year, it’s been much more on. I’ve really enjoyed and gotten into to it, practicing at a local yoga studio and online through a WONDERFUL website, I’ve been inspired to go further with yoga and have signed up for a yoga teacher training session that starts in a few weeks. I guess that’s what prompted me to revisit this blog. It seemed like it might be fun to track my yoga journey during the training. Once I start that, who knows what else I might decide to write about. We shall see.