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Charity and Prayer

I’m not a big fan of Twitter, but I do come across valuable info there sometimes. Earlier this week, I saw a tweet with a link to a comprehensive newspaper investigation into the worst charities in America. I haven’t had a chance to read all of it yet, but what I saw turned my stomach. How can people stand to profit wildly by preying on the compassion of good people who want to help those in need?

I found myself thinking again about that excellent piece of journalism from the Tampa Bay Times in the shower the next morning. I thought about charities I’d given to and read about and how to evaluate whether they’re using donations wisely. From there, my brain jumped to specific charities working on clean water access issues globally. I’ve read about some of those and meant to check into them further because their work sounds SO critical. And from there, somehow, I jumped to the memory of a moving prayer I heard offered during last year’s political season. I think it was at the Democratic National Convention, and I think the eloquent young woman praying worked at one of those international charities.

This is how my mind works. This is why I take too long in the shower.

Her prayer struck me because it was not of the “God be on our side” variety, but more for wisdom, strength, and compassion for everyone involved including candidates on both sides and their wives by name. She clearly took the imperative to pray for our leaders seriously.

Before I knew it, my mind wandered into prayer for our leaders as I put conditioner in my hair. Give them wisdom to see what is right. Give them strength of moral character to do what is right. Give them humility to admit their mistakes and learn from them.

Wait, I realized; I need that, too. So I prayed the same for me.

We all need those things. The world needs more people with those things. So I pray for anyone reading, may God give you wisdom to see what’s right, strength of character to do what’s right, and humility to learn from your mistakes.

PS – I found the prayer I mentioned above. You can see and/or read it here.